“I’ll take more of that chemical shake please” – said no one ever.

I’m beginning to feel a bit like a broken record. Many of the headlines on my blog speak about things that we should stop doing.

But this time, I mean it more fiercely than before.

I am sick of being served food with a side of chemicals.

Stop eating food with chemical additives for “preservative” purposes.

If food was supposed to last it would.

And if you would like to preserve food do it an old fashioned way and not with science. Root cellars, preserve jarring, pickling, fermenting – yes, yes and yes.



This looks like a list you might find on a toilet cleaner product, not on something I put in my body for nutrition.

Food science denies this has any effect on our health saying the trace amounts that we ingest are not enough to have an effect. And I actually believe this to a point.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CUMULATIVE EFFECT? Think about the totality of chemicals you eat from all the fast food, preserved food, frozen food you’ve eaten in your life and then perhaps a cancer diagnosis at age 40 doesn’t seem too far fetched. Or any other medical problem that seems to be on the rise in our overly chemical-ed food.

Large food corporations have no interest in your health. They, like all corporations, are interested in making money.

They have food scientists, not chefs.

They strategize ways to make food last longer on the shelf instead of strategizing ways of making the consumer healthy.

I suffered from severe gastro problems for over a year and typical health approaches weren’t helping. Imodium was a joke, antibiotics made it worse and my doctor even tried prescribing me antidepressants thinking my vomiting was self inflicted. I had had enough. I decided to spend the money to get a real fix (or at the time, what I was hoping was a fix) to my digestion problems and I went to see a functional medicine practitioner. She took a very holistic approach and surveyed my whole health history and did tests that would eliminate instead of diagnose. So by process of elimination we found out many potential causes and one very big problem.

Parasites. How lovely. I had parasites and my traditional doctor had not even considered it after 12 months of doctors visits.

The typical way to treat parasites is with extremely strong antibiotics. She didn’t go in for this because of my already abysmal health and knew it would only make matters worse (and I had already taken “the atomic bomb” of antibiotics according to one doctor) so that was decided against. Instead we eliminated all toxins from my diet and supplemented it with a few homeopathy-like treatments. One was a tincture of herbal extracts designed to reduce negative microbes from developing and another designed to tighten the lining of my intestines.

But the biggest change and ultimate game-changer was to my diet. I was no longer allowed to eat anything with more than 5-6 natural ingredients and completely cut out dairy, gluten, sugar (refined), caffeine (from coffee/tea) and alcohol. These things create an active environment for parasites to thrive and so out they went.

It took 8 months to completely recover. But it worked in spectacular fashion. I now look at the ingredient list on anything I put in my body and rarely accept a chemically-morphed food inside. This type of treatment healed me instead of treating my symptoms. It gave me grave doubts about the western method of treatments. Of course they want you to stay sick – they have an interest in having you come back. Money, money, money.

I get it. It’s easy to buy a box of frozen curry and heat it up after work. Especially when you have 4 children to look after. Modern life is changing the way we eat and ease is more important that quality sometimes. But there are alternatives that are just as quick that don’t have these chemicals in them. Really there are, you just have to look and you might have to pay more. But what is more important, money or your health?

Look at that list again from above. Can you guess what it was?

Let me show you.


This was my “breakfast” on a plane ride back to London from the USA. (I did not eat it)

More like “warm chemically/bleached/cancer-enducing/ tortilla ‘wrap’ filled with the-same-chemicals-we-use-to-disinfect-toilets bacon, egg & ‘cheese’.”

Listen, it’s your choice. So long as you are fully aware that you are doing this to yourself, I am happy for you. But take it from someone who has removed this stuff from his life – it is much better over here on the chemical-free side of things.

Alright, I will now step down from my soap-box.

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